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Urology Clinic

Urology involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in the urinary tract, kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs.

Here at Berkshire Independent Hospital we are delighted to work with five leading urology specialists who have combined their dedicated clinical expertise to form the Reading Urology Partnership. They believe in excellence through team work. All of these consultants offer general urology services, as well as each consultant concentrating on a specific area of urology. They all hold substantive posts at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust hospital in Reading. Convenient appointments and onsite parking are available for out-patient urology treatment.

Our urology services are monitored, inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Our in-patient and day-case medical and surgical services are supported by three modern well-equipped operating theatres, a high dependency unit and a dedicated ‘continence physiotherapy’ service.

We perform a wide range of urological procedures including: cystoscopy, TURBT, adult circumcision, penile straightening, prostate biopsies, TURP, vasectomy and it’s reversal, bladder cancer treatment and stress incontinence treatments.

Our Consultants

Berkshire Independent Hospital work in association with Reading Urology Partnership and have a number of Consultant Urologists including

Mr Philip Charlesworth

Mr Steve Foley

Mr Paul Hadway

Mr Adam Jones

Mr Sunil Kumar