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Oral and Maxillofacial

 The oral and maxillofacial specialty involves the study of diseases, defects and injuries of the mouth, jaw, face and neck. Oral maxillofacial surgeons (OMS) are uniquely required to have a qualification in both medicine and dentistry. As such they treat conditions that require expertise from both backgrounds including: head and neck cancers, facial trauma and pain, impacted teeth, jaws problems and sleep apnoea.

At Berkshire Independent Hospital our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Mr Mohan Patel, has extensive experience in all areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He regularly treats conditions including: impacted and ectopic teeth, salivary gland disease, intraoral lumps and bumps, jaw cysts and tumours, jaw joint disorders, sleep apnoea, facial pain, facial deformity and facial fractures.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon works in a multi-disciplinary team alongside other specialists including: radiologists, orthodontists, oncologists, plastic surgeons and ear, nose and throat surgeons and utilises our comprehensive imaging services as required to make a diagnosis.