Olukorede Aiyegbusi - Football’s Most Travelled

Olukorede Aiyegbusi - Football’s Most Travelled
Thursday 17 August 2017 

Olukorede grew up in a North London suburb and had the usual and ultimate school boy dream of playing professional football.

At the tender age of 13 an opportunity arose with West Ham United,  however Olukorede being  an ardent   Arsenal fan  decided to hold out for that ‘most-wanted-call’ from Highbury. That call never came... Undeterred, he looked overseas and very soon his natural talent was spotted and an opportunity arose to chase his dream whilst continuing his studies in America. He progressed through the North Carolina State University’s soccer programme and was soon spotted once more and then scouted by the ‘Kansas City Wizards’ in order to play in ‘Major League Soccer.’ The taste of success was now palpable.

All went extremely well and Olukorede subsequently travelled the world playing in Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and then Iran. He settled as a regular in the Kazakhstan Premier League with Shakhter Karagandy. 

However, as is often the case with top athletes, injury struck when least expected.  Whilst playing a vigorous league match his left knee suddenly gave way during a crunching tackle and worryingly it looked like he would be out of action for the rest of the season. Olukorede immediately decided to quickly return to the U.K. in a desperate search of a speedy and more importantly successful solution to his now serious injury.

After careful research he found top knee and hip surgeon Professor Ali Ghoz who is a top consultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip and knee surgery. One of only a handful, Professor Ghoz has a special interest in computer generated revision hip & knee surgery, as well as extensive  experience in primary hip replacement, anterior hip replacement, muscle sparing anterior hip replacement and hip resurfacing.  His other specialist areas include arthroplasty, partial knee replacement, total knee replacement and knee arthroscopic surgery and soft tissue knee reconstruction surgery.  In short he was the arguably the best surgeon for Olukorede.  Professor Ghoz, having been contacted by Olukorede, quickly arranged an immediate consultation and arthroscopy with remedial repair at The Berkshire Independent Hospital in Reading.

Olukorede was totally delighted with his experience at The Berkshire Independent Hospital and went on to say  “I want to say thank you very much to Professor Ghoz and all the staff members for taking such good care of me in the short-time frame available. I was under so much pressure to get this surgery done as soon as possible and you guys not only got me in, but performed a good job and treated me with great hospitality. I just want to say thank you all!”

Olukorede now aims to be back in training very soon and competing once more to drive his team up the league before season ends, with thanks to Professor Ali Ghoz and the team at The Berkshire Independent Hospital.

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