Consultant from Berkshire Independent off to help in Calais jungle
Tuesday 7 June 2016

Mr Steve Kriss, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at the Berkshire Independent Hospital has travelled to France to celebrate his birthday with a group of family members, colleagues and friends. Not settling for, as most of us do, a nice break away from everyday work he has decided to give something back. Whilst on his trip, Mr Kriss has convinced many of his fellow travellers to join him in helping out at the “Calais Jungle”, the refugee encampment in the vicinity of Calais, France. Armed with various basic medical supplies donated from the Berkshire Independent Hospital, he will be offering medical advice and care for those in need. His wife will be helping out in the kitchens and his son is staying for 4 days to volunteer where needed.

Mr Steve Kriss said: “I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but as many of the migrants have been on their feet for days or even months, as a foot specialist, I am certain to find a variety of foot problems I can help with. I will just use my hands and see what I can do!”

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