Treatments at Berkshire Independent Hospital

Information prior to your weight loss operation

You will be welcomed to the ward by the administrator. You will have your details checked. You will be shown to your bed and asked to change into your night wear. You will have some basic tests done, such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure.


You will be asked to hand in any medicines or drugs you may be taking, so that your drug treatment in hospital will be correct. Please tell the nurses if you have any allergies to any drugs or dressings.

Visit by your Consultant Surgeon

The operation will be explained to you. You will be asked to sign your consent for the operation. If you are not clear about any part of the operation please ask the Consultant or nurses for more details.


You will be seen by the surgeon who will be doing the operation. He will check that all the necessary preparations have been made.

Visit by your Anaesthetist

Your Anaesthetist, who will be giving you your anaesthetic will interview and examine you. They will be especially interested in chest troubles, dental treatment and any previous anaesthetics you have had, plus any anaesthetic problems in the family.


You will have your usual diet until 4-6 hours before the operation when you will be asked to take nothing by mouth. This will let your stomach empty and prevent you from vomiting during your operation.


You will be asked to wear elastic stockings to prevent thrombosis during your stay, or use of Flowtron calf cuffs.

Timing of the operation

The timing of the operation is usually arranged the day before. The nurses will tell you when to expect to go to theatre. Do not be surprised, however, if there are any changes to the exact time.


You may be given a sedative injection or tablets about one hour before the operation.

Transfer to theatre

You may be taken on a trolley or walk to the operating suite by a ward nurse and theatre porter. You will be wearing a cotton gown. Wedding rings will be fastened with tape. Removable dentures will be left on the ward. There will be several checks on your details on the way to the anaesthetic room where your anaesthetic will begin.

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